Welcome to Investor Headquarters here on the Mississippi Coast.

Investing in real estate is not brain surgery, but it does take a keen eye, a better than average knowledge of the market and excellent analytical skills to properly valuate the potential return. There is no reason to try to reinvent the wheel – the biggest concern to any real estate investor should be coming up with a game plan on how you plan to attack the market. Some investors may want to focus on the quick cash (flipping property), others may be looking for steady, larger sums of money (developing or commercial properties), some may choose to look for properties with higher appreciation potential and a more common group is those looking for long term passive income (rental properties). Whatever your investment needs, whether it be one or a combination of several, I am an experienced real estate investment analyst and look forward to serving your needs.

South MS is an emerging real estate market with unlimited potential thanks to diversified economic engines and a vibrant coastline. That being said, I prefer not to speculate. Speculation is okay when looking at potential for appreciation over a period of time, but to make sure it is a sound investment, the numbers never lie. I run all numbers from a very conservative viewpoint assuring the least chance of a bad investment. Other agents and brokers may only be looking to sell their listing inventory when they put “great deals” on the market, but since I primarily work as a buyer’s agent, when I submit a listing as an investment – it is about as close to a sure thing as you can get.

The major difference is my conservative investment numbers and my ability to research the best deals. Contact me to see why I am your best source of information and why you will love working with me on all of your investments on the beautiful cost of Mississippi.