This category includes information on the Biloxi MS real estate scene including Biloxi MS homes for sale and Biloxi real estate market information.

Biloxi Bay Homes for Sale

by admin 22 March 2011

There is just something about living on the water that nothing else seems to match in terms of quality of life. Sitting on your deck in the early evening, looking over the open water or bayous, sipping an evening cocktail while enjoying the company of a loved one or close friend, or even sitting out […]

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Waterfront Condos for Sale Biloxi MS

by admin 21 March 2011

Biloxi MS waterfront condos have finally started to see some reason in their pricing. Two and three years ago, I would have told you not to touch any of the large condo developments because they were drastically overpriced for our market and only appealed to out of state investors who “thought” they would appreciate. This […]

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New Homes for Sale Gulfport & Biloxi MS

by admin 21 March 2011

Over the past few years, new homes have dominated the market in Gulfport and Biloxi MS. This is partially from unknown issues with “pre-Katrina” homes and the relatively low pricepoint of new homes. New homes in desirable subdivisions are starting in the $130k range with many nice amenities such as granite counters and tile floors. […]

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Biloxi Mississippi City Information

by admin 10 March 2011

Biloxi, MS is a great place to call home. The real estate market has stayed as one of the top appreciable places in the country (RE Investment Blog) because of its location and flourishing local economy. Keesler Air Force Base, one of the largest air bases in the country, is a major employer as well […]

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Biloxi MS Military Relocation

by admin 5 March 2011

Here we go – its time to move again. As a “military brat”, I remember how burdensome it could be to move every couple of years and I even remember the issues with buying and selling homes. Although I was to young to understand then, I am not now. Military families have a hard time […]

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Biloxi MS Waterfront Homes for Sale

by admin 3 March 2011

Biloxi MS Waterfront homes are hard to find at a reasonable price. After Katrina, they were abundant, but over the past 5½ years, they have become harder to find. I called it several years ago when I said that they would go back up quick, but of course it does not take a rocket scientist […]

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Anatole Bay Biloxi, MS

by admin 22 February 2011

Anatole Bay has been, historically, one of the best condo purchase areas on the coast. While they are technically town homes, which helps with financing in today’s tough lending environment, most people still refer to them as condominiums because of the overall atmosphere and amenities of the complex. Anatole Bay is located on the Back […]

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Waterfront Homes Gulfport/Biloxi MS

by admin 15 March 2010

This post is deprecated, please be sure to check out my home page for the most up to date real estate information. Also use the Category or Tags to browse or use the search feature to search for what you are looking for. Waterfront homes and lots for sale in Biloxi & Gulfport MS have […]

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Biloxi MS Real Estate Market Jan 2010

by admin 13 January 2010

Biloxi, MS is a culturally vibrant coastal community and home to the MS Coast’s 3rd largest residential real estate market behind Gulfport and Ocean Springs. Biloxi has an abundance of stable economic engines including Keesler Air Force Base, several casinos, and more. The remaining of this Biloxi, MS market update has been removed as it […]

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Biloxi MS Condos for Sale

by admin 3 June 2009

Current market data, based on MLS statistics (Search MLS), for waterfront condos for sale in the gaming & resort city of Biloxi MS show that 188 units are available for sale. Over the past 12 months 30 Biloxi condo units for sale have sold, according to MLS, ranging from $109,900 up to $450,000. This was […]

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MS Coast Affordable New Construction

by admin 31 May 2009

There is no doubt that the new construction market has dominated the MS Coast real estate market in the past 5-6 years. Katrina was a dominating force in our real estate market and spurred many new home subdivisions as well as new construction homes on and near many of our numerous waterways along the coast.  […]

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