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by admin on March 10, 2011

Biloxi Water TowerBiloxi, MS is a great place to call home. The real estate market has stayed as one of the top appreciable places in the country (RE Investment Blog) because of its location and flourishing local economy.

Keesler Air Force Base, one of the largest air bases in the country, is a major employer as well as several casinos and numerous tourist attractions. Neighboring cities are almost an extension of Biloxi (and Biloxi is to them as well) as the entire coast almost feels like one large city rather than a compilation of several.

Aside from employers, Biloxi also offers an expansive array of dining facilities, arts, and other entertainment. Anyone that knows me will tell you my favorite part about the area is the boating and fishing. Barrier islands make a great day outing for anyone for fishing, swimming, or just hanging out on a semi-excluded beach (East Ship Island is only accessible by private boat or charter, West Ship Island is accessible to the masses by way of ferry (no vehicles). Smaller islands are also a great outing and can be reached much easier. Deer Island is being expanded and is an easy skip over on a small boat, canoe, jet ski or swimming with a little stamina.

The population of Biloxi is just under 50,000 (city data, 2009) but economic impact is greater from surrounding areas. The real estate market remains steady and is showing signs of leveling back out from surges that were created after hurricane Katrina in August 2005. An initial surge took several years to level out, but signs are leaning towards stability and positive appreciation. As an Emerging Real Estate Market, Biloxi will continue to grow and be a positive place to call home or invest.

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