Build your Dream Home

Buying a home can be a very exciting process when you have the right agent/broker working for you. Building your perfect home can be an even more rewarding experience. Picking the wrong builder can be a nightmare though. This is why I have interviewed builders, reviewed their work, and made arrangements for my clients to get better than average deals on building.

When building within a subdivision, many times you have to use one of their approved builders. I have worked with many of these builders in the past and know which ones are good to work with and which ones are not as easy to deal with and my experience can help you not only save money, but also a lot of time.

Building on a newly purchased lot (or even an existing lot that you own) can be more rewarding because of the relationship I have with my builders, but regardless of the situation, you never want to talk to a builder in a subdivision directly, so it is imperative that you call me first – let me explain why. The builders in a subdivision and their agents that are in model homes represent the builder’s best interest. When you walk in to the model, their goal is to get as close to the builder’s asking price as possible and with the least favorable terms to you (examples may be far out completion times, you paying more closing costs, “missing” items on the walk-through, or recommending items that you do not need and failing to mention items you should get to protect yourself). The builder is going to pay a commission to the person who brought them the business. They are going to pay the same amount whether their agent is handling the sale or whether I am representing you in the purchase. Read more about Agency Relationships (paying close attention to “what this means to you”).

Even when we use the builders that I recommend – I will still be representing YOUR best interests and not those of the builder.

Call me or Email me to get started with building your dream home. I can assist you with everything from financing and finding the lot to completion of your new home. Prices start in the $120k range and go up.