Better Pricing, More Equity with Rehab Loan

by admin on May 2, 2011

Let’s face it – everyone wants to get the best deal possible on a home and a lot of people like the idea of “sweat equity”. The unfortunate side is if you find a home in a location that you love, with a layout that you love, but decor, etc that you hate – it may present more challenges.

Sure, you can get a loan on a home, move in, and do things room by room, painting and replacing floors, trim, windows as you have the extra funds, but if you are like most families, you have little “extra” income and these projects take forever to do. What if the house is really bad off and simply is not livable without work? Then you can’t get a loan no matter how much you love the house, right? Wrong!

Since 1978, the FHA has offered “rehab” loans known as the 203k loan. It is not widely used because most consumers do not know about it, and most real estate agents, brokers, and lenders are either unaware or to lazy to work them. The 203k loan takes considerable extra work on behalf of the REALTOR®, the loan officer, and a little extra stress on behalf of the buyer, but it can be a very rewarding way to go if you want to buy that “fixer-upper” and have the money to do the work.

These loans are for owner-occupants only (sorry, no investors) and have several stipulations that either I or lender can go over with you.

If you are already using the services of a GOOD Real Estate Broker/Agent, ask them about this. If you have not yet contacted one, call or email me. I have done several rehab loans and have lenders that don’t mind earning their money 🙂

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