Relocating to Gulfport, MS

by admin 9 March 2011

Relocating to any area is difficult, not only because of the physical challenges of moving your home, but also because it can often be a daunting process getting information about an area, where to live, etc. If you are being relocated to Gulfport, MS or any of the surrounding areas, you are in luck. Gulfport […]

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Biloxi MS Military Relocation

by admin 5 March 2011

Here we go – its time to move again. As a “military brat”, I remember how burdensome it could be to move every couple of years and I even remember the issues with buying and selling homes. Although I was to young to understand then, I am not now. Military families have a hard time […]

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Off-Base Housing in Gulfport MS

by admin 10 March 2009

Military Families don’t always like living on base which is why we assist military families in finding their off-base housing needs.

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