Why not FSBO?

by admin on November 19, 2013

FSBO, or For Sale By Owner, vs. Using a REALTOR® This has implications from both side so we will evaluate the selling side and the buying side of a FSBO property. This account will take broad statistics into account and not necessarily local ones.

I owe more than I can sell for!

by admin 19 November 2013

In this real estate climate, especially over the past few years, it is not uncommon for people to owe a little, or even a lot more than their home is worth. I recently had the opportunity to discuss this with a potential seller a few days ago who had questions about their options and had […]

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Owner Finance Deals

by admin 5 June 2012

I often find that I try to stay on top of trends so much that I miss basic things that people are looking for. I must admit that the thought of putting together information on Owner Financing did not really cross my mind until I decided to put my personal residence up for sale and […]

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Living on the Lake

by admin 5 March 2012

South Mississippi is home to several very nice lakes, but often times, it is what is built around those lakes that really makes a community thrive. Windance and Lake Village Estates are built around 100-acre Adam’s Lake, a man-made lake back in the 1960’s that has an abundance of large-mouth bass and bluegill swimming around […]

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The Dipping Mortgage Rates of the Gulf Coast: What do they mean?

by admin 28 November 2011

The guest post below is by Melinda Carter, Guest blogger. I take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. If you have further questions, I can recommend a local lender. ~Damion Flynn, Broker No market in the United States has really avoided the issues that have affected many real estate scenes throughout the country. […]

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Legality of placing Multiple Offers

by admin 2 August 2011

Since there are numerous foreclosures and short sales on the market, would it be feasible/legal to place offers on multiple properties at one time? If you plan to go through with the purchase of every property you put an offer in on, then this is a perfectly accepted practice. However, if you only intend to […]

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Buyer’s agent and Seller’s agent

by admin 2 August 2011

What is the difference between a buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent? Also, why should I use a buyer’s agent? The simplest version of your first question is that a buyer’s agent represents you as the buyer. A seller’s agent represents the seller. If you call off a sign in the yard, you are calling […]

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Option, Lease Option and Lease Purchase

by admin 4 July 2011

As I deal with a lot of investors, I often run into deals with Options, Lease Options, and Lease Purchase agreements. The problem is that these terms are often used interchangeably because many investors have received bad information on what they actually are. “Lease Options” are often pitched to investors in a “sexy” manner but […]

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Land Contracts vs. Homeowners Mortgages

by admin 17 May 2011

Land Contract or Contract for Deed A Land Contract, also known as a Contract for Deed, is a seller-financing arrangement which is most typically referred to as a Lease Purchase. In this type of financing arrangement, the seller continues to hold title to the property, but the buyer will hold a contract in place of […]

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Better Pricing, More Equity with Rehab Loan

by admin 2 May 2011

Let’s face it – everyone wants to get the best deal possible on a home and a lot of people like the idea of “sweat equity”. The unfortunate side is if you find a home in a location that you love, with a layout that you love, but decor, etc that you hate – it […]

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Only A Week Left for the Military Tax Extension

by admin 19 April 2011

Although civilian homebuyers may no longer be able to receive their government tax credits, military homebuyers still can. The first-time and repeat homebuyers tax credits have been extended for certain military members, but time to take advantage of the extension is running out. April 30th is the deadline! Congress initially extended the homebuyers tax credit […]

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