The Difference is Us

by admin on February 22, 2011

If you put 50 of the top Mississippi real estate agents/brokers in a room and asked each of them about their services, the overwhelming majority would have the same, or very similar, services, strategies, etc. Believe it or not, there is almost a standard to what agents do because it has been taught this way in real estate schools across the country repeatedly and for decades.

When I first got my license, I had a great vision of what the perfect real estate company would be like and was astounded to find that no one had really made the effort to move forward and embrace technology as a normal part of their everyday business. I worked with a broker initially who still thought the best way to do things was to hide listings behind a wall of opt-in forms or lead forms so that he could get your name and email before you could even get information about a property. The sad part, is that there are still hundreds, if not thousands of agents in Mississippi alone that still look at this as a good way of getting business. What they do not realize is that we are in an information age and consumers know that they can get the information elsewhere – you can get the information here, and contact me when you are ready to buy or sell!

I have had a lot of setbacks in this business (technology isn’t cheap), but I have won a lot of business because of my philosophy for the open sharing of information. My goal is to educate without being a pain in the butt salesman, and spring to action when you are ready to buy or sell a property on the Mississippi Coast.

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