Investment Opportunities

Option, Lease Option and Lease Purchase

by admin 4 July 2011

As I deal with a lot of investors, I often run into deals with Options, Lease Options, and Lease Purchase agreements. The problem is that these terms are often used interchangeably because many investors have received bad information on what they actually are. “Lease Options” are often pitched to investors in a “sexy” manner but […]

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Biloxi MS Investment Realtors®

by admin 21 March 2011

Knowing how to invest properly in real estate includes one important step that many investors forget – picking the right agent. Many investors choose properties to purchase based on what everyone else is doing or based on a sales flier they received from a listing agent telling them what a great deal it is, when […]

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Go Zone New Construction Homes for Sale

by admin 3 March 2011

Go Zone accelerated depreciation is in its final year without any anticipation of being extended again. This means that if you are serious about doing anything with Go Zone property – you need to start acting now. There are a lot of agents out there that are selling properties, saying they qualify for Go Zone […]

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Go Zone Extension 2011 Notes

by admin 6 January 2011

The MS Coast won another victory when the Go Zone bill was extended last month, providing for accelerated depreciation on real estate property put into use during 2011. The prior extension [2010] was a bit “thrown together” and extended the “put into use” part, but did not extend the expenditure date. What this means is […]

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SRAP 1 & 2 Recap

by admin 24 August 2009

The Small Rental Assistance Program, SRAP, was designed by the Mississippi Development Authority, MDA, to assist coastal MS in disaster recovery. The SRAP program provided property owners forgivable loans up to $40,000 per unit for properties utilized in a rental capacity for 5 consecutive years from the SRAP “loan” date. The SRAP program is over […]

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