Bay St Louis Waterfront Homes for Sale

by admin on March 21, 2011

View of the BayThe Bay St Louis waterfront homes market still remains slow, although signs are improving. While other areas of the coast are seeing more upwardly signs on the waterfront market, Bay St Louis remains a bit slower. This is contributed by two factors:

  1. Bay St Louis was the epicenter of hurricane Katrina’s wrath and there was significant rebuilding needed and an abundance of waterfront communities lost resulting in unsurpassed supply with lower demand
  2. Bay St Louis has one of the highest amount of waterfront properties per capita on the coast

Bay St Louis will take many more years to regain its former glory, but it does boast certain strengths that other areas may not. A large percentage of the  city infrastructure (water, electrical, etc) was rebuilt after Katrina and older homes in less desirable neighborhoods are coming back much nicer. Bay St Louis has two casinos which boast very good business, a thriving fishing community and arts & entertainment. Combined with stunning, picturesque views over the open beach, across the St Louis Bay, and the Jourdan River, and you have a recipe for great future potential.

If you are considering buying a waterfront home or building a home in Bay St Louis, or anywhere else on the coast for that matter, please contact me. Now is the time to buy while supply is up – gives the best appreciation potential for the future and a lower cost of ownership for that perfect view.

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