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The Go Zone Investment opportunity in Biloxi and other South MS cities is very real and offers benefits unheard of in the real estate investment community. However, as with any other investment opportunity, it is critical to work with reputable and established representatives who live locally and have good business and communication practices. The Go Zone Investment opportunity is intended to help rejuvenate coastal Mississippi in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Many websites related to the Go Zone Act and its investment opportunities are put on by opportunistic out-of-state groups who have no boots on the ground and offer only a news story’s knowledge of what is actually occurring on the MS Coast. Don’t let them get you! Buyer Beware!

Here’s an intro to the real scoop on the Go Zone opportunity. First of all the generic sales pitch of a planned community and luxurious duplexes starting in the mid $200,000’s, renting for 1200 a month, featuring this and that is exactly how investors fall victim every time. We all like things to be easy and quick, but when you are willing to put up $200,000 or more of your financial capabilities it should not be a quick decision based on convenience! The opportunity is bigger than that if you are teamed up with locals who know what is really available!

As a real estate investment analyst, I do the best I can to make things easy on you and make sure the numbers are true – and not over-pitched fluff. I know my place as members of your investment team. I gather and present accurate information on Go Zone opportunities in a legible manner for you so you can make your best decision possible. I put together realistic numbers based upon “to the day” market information and my integrity has never been questioned on any of my past transactions. My local name means far too much to me to engage in short-sighted behavior.

The difference with using my team is that we actually strategize with you. Together we can come up with many different options to do Go Zone construction projects quickly in areas with outstanding exit strategies and increased appreciation potential. I present more than just the products necessary to maintain a relationship with a builder. Your investment’s success and my relationship with you is what’s important to me.

Don’t do what everyone else is doing the same way through a drive-through investment chain! See the difference by interviewing with me. Click contact me today.

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