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Go Zone Investments MS Emerging Real Estate Market

by admin 9 March 2011

While Go Zone accelerated depreciation is a great reason to buy real estate investments on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, it is not the only on. While every home buyer and investors needs are different, the one thing everyone wants to see is appreciation in their investment. Looking for emerging real estate markets is one of […]

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Go Zone New Construction Homes for Sale

by admin 3 March 2011

Go Zone accelerated depreciation is in its final year without any anticipation of being extended again. This means that if you are serious about doing anything with Go Zone property – you need to start acting now. There are a lot of agents out there that are selling properties, saying they qualify for Go Zone […]

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Go Zone Waterfront Developments

by admin 25 February 2011

The Go Zone offers 50% accelerated depreciation in the first year of acquiring an eligible property. While the ins and outs need to be discussed with your tax professional, I have been working with Go Zone since its inception and not only can I assist you with the information, but also the properties. I take […]

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Go Zone Extension 2011 Notes

by admin 6 January 2011

The MS Coast won another victory when the Go Zone bill was extended last month, providing for accelerated depreciation on real estate property put into use during 2011. The prior extension [2010] was a bit “thrown together” and extended the “put into use” part, but did not extend the expenditure date. What this means is […]

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Go Zone Tax Credits coming to an End

by admin 16 July 2009

This Go Zone post is deprecated. Go Zone was extended through December 31, 2011 and offers some more encouraging opportunities. Please see all Go Zone posts to get the most up to date information on Go Zone or contact me for the best deals.

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Casino Tourism Bill Tax Incentives Signed In

by admin 17 March 2009

Haley Barbour signed the tourism bill which will allow significant tax incentives to Casinos which build non-gaming attractions/amenities such as hotels, theme parks, convention centers or other venues that would give tourists more to do when visiting the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The new bill will create many more opportunities for our area, both in recreation, […]

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The Good, Bad, and Ugly

by admin 15 March 2009

I recently had an investor contact me about a property he was in escrow to purchase and he had some rather interesting news about how he was “maneuvered” by a group that does investing tours. Now, don’t get me wrong, all these guys who do investing tours are not bad, but my take on it […]

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Seller Leasebacks providing Great Opportunities

by admin 13 March 2009

Seller Leasebacks have received a bad name in some markets, primarily because of crooked real estate agents or developers just trying to pitch properties to make a quick dollar. This is a shame because seller leasebacks can work in great favor of a real estate investor wanting to capitalize on an appreciating market but nervous […]

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by admin 8 March 2009

The Go Zone Investment opportunity in Biloxi and other South MS cities is very real and offers benefits unheard of in the real estate investment community. However, as with any other investment opportunity, it is critical to work with reputable and established representatives who live locally and have good business and communication practices. The Go […]

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SRAP 2 Kills New Construction Option

by admin 17 January 2009

The Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) Small Rental Assistance Program (SRAP) Round 2 applicants got a startling letter yesterday (See Here – opens in new window). The letter basically was sent to all Option D applicants, which encompassed anyone who bought new construction as a means of receiving the forgivable loan from the MDA. The SRAP […]

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What is Go-Zone?

by admin 21 December 2008

The “GO-ZONE”, or Gulf Opportunity Zone, is a tax credit act of 2005 that was implemented by President Bush after the extremely active hurricane season of 2005 which brought us storms like Katrina and Rita. The original act was through 2008 but was extended to 2010 for the Mississippi Coast. The act allows for bonus, […]

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